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Heal with Consciousness

Understand the basics of Quantum Physics and explore self-aid practices for emotional and mental self-care based on those principles.

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Heal with Consciousness
Heal with Consciousness

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coming soon

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Über die Veranstaltung

work in progress ....   


UNDERSTAND Quantum Physics and EXPLORE a few self-aid practices. 

I am looking forward to introduce you to the power of CONSCIOUSNESS.

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to accompany your personal process I recommend ...

the WATERFALL - a beautiful consciousness exercise to gain distance to an emotionally challenging situation and learn to OBSERVE your mind's spinning while you regain balance.

TONGLEN - a simple and powerful tibetan awareness practice to heal despair & emotional pain while growing in COURAGE & COMPASSION.

HEALY - a cunning elektronic little gadget based on the principles of QUANTUM PHYSICS. 

Healy can read your present bodily vibration and send you the needed bioenergetic frequencies to support your physical, mental and emotional health as well as your personal efforts to thrive in life and reach your goals.

eventuallly also PEP - a tapping technique that leads to rapid and astonishing results in terms of stress relief.


ENERGY BALANCE - earning people 35 CHF / out of job people 15 CHF 

SHARING - minimum number of participants is 3, maximum are 12

LANGUAGE - English and Deutsch   

LOCATION in Zürich - respectively online

NEXT DATE -  January 2021 


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